Pasadena Police Department


A Message from Chief Al Espinoza



Thank you for your interest in learning about the Pasadena Police Department and the advantages it has to offer you.


The decision to pursue a career in policing is one I would strongly encourage. And there is no better department to begin building a career with than the Pasadena Police Department.


As part of the Pasadena police force, you will join other highly trained individuals who have made a commitment both to themselves and to the community they serve.


That commitment is to provide the highest standard of conduct and professionalism in protecting and assisting our community's residents through their law enforcement service.


I am proud of the men and women who serve in the Pasadena Police Department and so is our community. Pasadena is a place where police/citizen cooperation is still very much a part of the community fabric. You will be an integral member of a department that is recognized as a regional leader in training, with the tools and equipment you need to succeed in your job.


I invite you to look over the information on this website and give serious consideration to taking the next critical steps in securing your a Pasadena police officer.

Learn the tasks officers may be expected to perform as a law enforcement professional.

Consider becoming a valued member of a team of dedicated law enforcement professionals.

Become familiar with the eligibility requirements

before applying.

With more than 14 job assignments and competitive pay, PPD has the right job for you.


Pasadena Police Department  |  1201 Davis Pasadena, TX 77506  

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